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Hints and Tips

Some simple ideas on how to look and feel your best

Beauty hints & tips

  • Free Beauty consultations to discuss Beauty regimes.
  • Using a cleanser morning & night will keep your face fresh & clean.
  • Facial wipes strip the natural oils from your face causing breakouts/Spots.
  • Before having Eyelash Extensions ensure Lashes are clean & Make-Up free for best results
  • Good skin Exfoliation when growing hair for waxing will ensure no ingrowing hairs.
  • For soft hands and feet in between treatments use a good moisturizer every night before bed.
  • After washing your hands gently push cuticles back with your towel as you dry.
  • Bridal tips: for a natural healthy look you need to have a good Facial routine of cleansing & moisturizing. A CACI Microdermabrasion facial will give you that flawless look.
  • For perfect eyebrows, Grow them & then Have them tinted & shaped leaving you with a thicker & more defined shape.